Cupcake Makers

Create homemade cupcakes and Crepes with ease and impress your friends and family! 

Make delicious cupcakes in minutes with our fun and easy to use Deep Fill Cupcake Maker! There’s no need to use the oven and risk your cakes burning or sinking - with our Cupcake Maker you can easily create perfect cakes every time! 

The Cupcake Maker is perfect for parties and having friends over, make them taste delicious with our tasty Cupcake mix in flavours Vanilla and Red Velvet. 

Why not go the extra miles as jazz up your Cupcakes with Sprinkles, Cake toppers, edible text and more?! Just check out our Cake Decor page for some fantastic cake decorations!  

It's no surprise Crepes have become so popular due to the delicious taste and personalised toppings including Ice cream, chocolate sauce, fruit or whatever a person can get their hands on. 

So why not try homemade Crepes? It really is simple, just have a Crepe Maker and some delicious Crepe Mix, add a splash of water and you're ready. Then top off with all you favourite toppings!